Friday, March 2, 2012

Link Round-Up: March 2, 2012

Money Pieces by Kristi Malakoff

33 photos of Recycling Around the World, some beautiful, some sad.

Here's how to build your own life-sized Aperture Science turret. I'm assuming they'll post the plans for the slug-throwing mechanism later?

In 1976, American students put their Tricentennial imaginings to paper. Some larger versions of the drawings are available over at Buzzfeed.

Ridiculously cute comic book fan art by Turkish artist Riza Turker. If that's too saccharine, browse his comicbook fanart for other looks beyond the cutesy "super deformed" style. 

Shouldn't Davros or The Emperor Dalek be center stage in The Last Supper of the Daleks?

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